Summer Academy | IKG

Artistic Research Summer Academy

The IKG´s AR International Summer Academy is a 14 day 24/7 experience in theory and practice for a small group of aspiring artistic researchers from all over the world and four mentors from different disciplines and with unique practical and theoretical abilities.

Every summer academy has an annual theme directly derived from the IKG research fields forming the IKG research topology within the walls of the Royal Site. For this, every year the programme fosters the development of an interdisciplinary project that needs all the expertises gathered and insists on a culture of sharing.

The AR International Summer Academy concentrates on a constant mutual teaching and learning process. Here, experts are learning from experts becoming students again and teachers thereafter, depending on social, artistic process, situation and craftsmanship needed. Mentors will provide practical and theoretical knowledge in group activities, workshops, lectures, and private sessions within a flexible schedule with a strong focus on experienced based research.

Participants receive access to an extensive collection of resources central to the IKG vision: lectures on the arts and humanities led by international specialists in their field; opportunities to propose and develop work for public presentation during IKG annual congress, cultural events and collaborations with exhibition halls and music venues within the regional institutional structure of Castilla y León.  With the facilities form the IKG experimental stage, studios and several workshops provided by the collaborating institutions at the Royal Site, as well as a world heritage landscape, there are sheer endless opportunities for cooperation and collaborations on site within a constant process of exchange and mutual motivation.

Alumni of the IKG´s AR International Summer Academy can apply in the future with concepts for mini-residencies to work several days in seclusion and with the full potential of the IKG facilities.