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PhD Bruno Zamborlin

CEO and Chief Scientist at Hypersurfaces
Bruno Zamborlin, PhD is an Italian AI researcher and entrepreneur based in London, UK. Visiting researcher at Goldsmiths University, Bruno pioneered the concept of transforming physical objects into touch-sensitive, interactive surfaces using vibration sensors and Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder of Mogees Limited, the London-Los Angeles based start-up whose products enable users to transform everyday objects into musical instruments and games using a vibration sensor and a mobile phone (more than 100,000 units sold worldwide). He recently founded HyperSurfaces, a technology platform which converts objects of any material, shape and form into data-enabled, interactive surfaces just using a vibration sensor and a coin-sized chipset. As an artist, he produces art installations around the world and performs with UK-based electronic music duo Plaid (Warp records). He did 4 TEDx around the world and his work has been reviewed by BBC, TechCrunch, Wired, The Verge, Vice and many others. Selected awards: MIT Technology review Award – 30 best entrepreneurs under 35; Qwartz Electronic Music award; IRISA Prix Jeune Chercheur; NEMODE – New Economic Models in the Digital Economy; Laval Virtual first prize; NTT Data Innovation award 2020.