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IKG is a laboratory for the arts and humanities, providing the global community with the time, space and freedom to think, create and inspire.  Furthermore, it is a center for the arts and culture devoted to research and music practice and its new forms of expressions according to the mission of the Katarina Gurska Foundation for Education and Culture.

Located in the Teatro Canónigos of the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso (Segovia), the IKG integrates into the practice of music and performing arts the resources provided by humanistic disciplines, scientific research, innovation and technology in a truly inspirational site for artists and researchers. The building was renewed to host a cultural center with a 500 seat theatre prepared to host multidisciplinary events of all kind.

The IKG was created with the aim of covering the needs of a new generation of artists who aspire to transform society through the research, practice and dissemination of new forms of artistic expression and the alternative production of knowledge as well as their interdisciplinary application.


Devoted to artistic research, innovation and production of knowledge in, by and through music and performing arts.


To transform society by providing the necessary tools to our future generations of artists. 



The Management Team counts with the collaboration of highly specialized advisors and consultants and the support of the Katarina Gurska Foundation operational structure.

Advisory Board

Dependent of  FKG’s Board of Trustees the Advisory Board includes relevant researchers related to IKG’s areas of activity.

Academic Committee:

The Katarina Gurska Foundation For Education and Culture

Since 1999, the Katarina Gurska Foundation is an active cultural institution in Spain, with a profound engagement to the Castilla y León region. In 2008 it found in the City of San Ildefonso a visionary partner and the perfect location to host its multiple concerts, music festivals and summer programs. Since then, it has only increased its presence and cultural impact leading to the agreement for the creation of the Katarina Gurska Institute for Artistic Research in the premises of the National Heritage building “Teatro Canónigos”.