PhD Gerriet K. Sharma

Sound and Instalation Artist, professor and researcher

 Dipl. Media Arts, KHM Cologne. MA Composition / Computer Music Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz (IEM, AT). 2016 Dr.art.Composing with Sculptural Sound Phenomena in Computer Music at University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG, AT).

 2017-2018 Edgard Varèse guest professor (DAAD) at the electronic studio of theTechnical University Berlin (TU, DE). 2010-2015 Organisation, establishment and curatorship of signale-graz, an international concert series for electroacoustic music, algorithmic composition, radio art and performance. 2008 awarded with the German Sound Award, 2009 renowned Chargesheimer media-arts grant Cologne (DE).

Performances, exhibitions and concerts in Europe and abroad e.g. New York City Electroacoustic Festival (USA), Music Biennale Zagreb (HRV), ELIA-Art Schools NEU/NOW Festival (LTU), signale-graz (AT), ZKM Klangdome Karlsruhe (DE), Darmstaedter Summer Courses (DE).

 2015-2017 cooperation gleAM with physicists of the department of Accelerator Physics at the Helmholtz-Centre Berlin (Research-Centre on complex material-systems and energy) re-interpreting the process of producing the brightest synthetic light on the planet as a sculptural process in 3D sound. 2015-2018 head of artistic research oft the project Orchestrating Space by Icosahedral Loudspeaker within the Austrian Programme for Arts-Based Research.

Since 2019 he is guest professor at IKG DART programme Madrid (SP) and is currently working on a book on spatial practices in sound and music, new compositions, VR-exhibitions and a lecture series.