Lászlo Stachó | IKG

PhD Lászlo Stachó

Pianist, professor, researcher
Dr László Stachó is a musicologist, psychologist and pianist working as a senior lecturer and senior research fellow at the Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest). His current research focuses on twentieth-century performance practice (especially the performance style of the composer-pianists Bartók and Dohnányi), emotional communication in musical performance, and music pedagogy (effective and creative working and practice methods and enhancement of attentional skills in music performance). His recently developed Practice Methodology – a detailed pedagogical methodology for enhancing the ability of real-time ‘navigation’ in the musical process by the performer – has been used with considerable success from the very beginning up to the most advanced levels of music education, and the Methodology as a university subject has been introduced in tertiary level education in several institutions in Hungary. As a pianist, László regularly performs chamber music and conducts Practice Methodology workshops and chamber music coaching sessions at international masterclasses.